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"Touchstone: Dancing With Angels"

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Discover the magic, the mastery and the Mystery...

"Touchstone: Dancing With Angels" is a documentary focusing on the people, history and evolution of Touchstone Farm in Western Massachusetts. 

Located in Easthampton, members of the Touchstone Farm spiritual community are known for their uplifting music recorded in an on-site studio; for world-renowned Sacred Circle Dancing; and for wondrous herb, flower and meditation gardens.

Without a specific philosophy to limit them, founders and residents live with "a different bottom line," -- one that is rooted in honoring each individual's worth in the world.  This documentary film captures the essence of the people of Touchstone: a group of adventurous spirits and curious souls who examine the boundaries of our society through their art, music, conversation and actions. 

Filled with "a celebration" of local music and captivating imagery, this is a heartfelt story not to be missed!

The Special Limited Edition "Touchstone: Dancing With Angels" DVD & Original Movie Soundtrack CD are currently available only at Bookends in Florence, MA.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exclusive Offer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Currently available for acquisition only at Bookends Bookshop, 80 Maple Street, Florence, MA.


**** Special Limited Premiere Edition DVD of the "Touchstone: Dancing With Angels" documentary (plus a special bonus feature, entitled: "The Spirit of Touchstone")  

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**** Companion "Original Movie Soundtrack" CD  [A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to The Western Mass. Food Bank.]




The "Original Movie Soundtrack" features:

Track 1 - "Prayer" - by Anja Daniel 

Track 2 - "Sacred Song" - composed & performed by Shana Anolik

Track 3 - "Touchstone Theme" ('Anja's Song') - composed & performed by Peter Sky

Track 4 - "Humble" - performed by Anja Daniel & Friends

Track 5 - "I Believe" - composed & performed by Elric Walker

Track 6 - "Many Rivers" - performed by Anja Daniel & Friends

Track 7 - "Wings of Horses" - composed & performed by Uncle Shaker

Track 8 - "This Begins" - composed & performed by Francie Jones (with Lillian Jones)

Track 9 - "Witness" - composed & performed by Star Drooker

Track 10 - "A Thousand Angels" - performed by Anja Daniel & Friends



and ~


**** Special Memorial Tribute DVD: "In Remembrance of Ed Softky[A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be donated to the Thosum Gephelling Institute in Williamsville, VT, a Tibetan Buddhist community where Ed Softky was a member.]
[**** Please note: this DVD is no longer available. ****]





**** For detailed information on how to arrange
screenings of "Touchstone: Dancing With Angels" and "ONE: The Movie" in your area, please e-mail:
TouchstoneMovie [at] gmail.com.


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