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"Touchstone: Dancing With Angels"

Click here to view the trailer!




www.SacredCircles.com - The official website of Touchstone Farm.

 - Documentary producer Rebecca Rideout's video production company site, offering her innovative, intuitive production, editing & photographic services.

www.OneTheProject.com - What happens when you distill the combined wisdom of the Dalai Lama, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Thich Nhat Hahn, Fatther Thomas Keating and other spiritual "wonderers" all into "One" tour-de-force movie?  -- You get "trance-ending" love, compassion, unity, laughter, understanding, -- and Hope for the future.

www.FlyByNews.com - Outside-the-box-and-beyond-the-pale(-&-colorless), indie-newsreporter Jonathan Mark's "News Fit to Transmit in the Post-Cassini Flyby Era"

www.ECATChannel5.org - Easthampton Community Access TV, -- independent, freewheeling, grassroots television, -- led by creative & compassionate Executive Director Greg Franceschi.

- Inspired Sacred Dance, social engagement & community arts website. 

www.InnerTapestry.org - The Northeast's premier spiritual website, -- published by Ron Damico and Joan Emmons, -- sharing a "cornucopious" variety of heaven-sent spiritual insights, experiential philosophy, and practical wisdom for conscious, abundant living. 

https://www.facebook.com/pages/-WELCOME-TO-SKY-HIGH-GALLERY-/105428122839927?v=info - Masterfully-creative, prodigious and "en-lightened" 21st century composer / performer Peter Sky's homepage. 

www.MySpace.com/UncleShakerBand and www.UncleShaker.us - Lively, local, enlightened, socially-conscious, "downhome & down-to-earth" musicians.

www.MySpace.com/FrancieJones - An intricately-moving "harmonic convergence" of evocative words & edgy music, -- along with uniquely-talented sister, Lillian.

www.ElricWalker.com - Extraordinarily powerful, on-the-rise lyricist; prophetic, provocative and charismatic social-balladeer & performer.

www.AVAproductions.net - Local entrepreneur Steve Unkles' comprehensive, efficient & economical video production & duplication services.

www.StarzfromMars.com - Featuring the ethereal creations of multi-talented, prolific (& endearing!) illustrator Cat Wong and her eloquent, charismatic author-songwriter collaborator, Barbara Bailey.

www.ClaraAndClarenceBear.com - Visionary artist Cat (aka Cathi) Wong's irresistibly-adorable "children," -- 5-year old Clara and her oh-so-huggable friend, 3-year-old Clarence Bear, -- have a cozy, new home on the web!  Guaranteed to warm your heart and transport you to a simpler, more joyous time.

www.SalisburyByTheSeashore.com - A community-oriented, North Shore website (with a phenomenal array of local & international "Links"), showcasing the uniquely dynamic style, artistry & photography of graphic designer Lawrence M. Medeiros.

www.FiveStarEducational.com - Award-winning producer/director Dan Sperling's groundbreaking site, presenting a wide variety of high-quality, creative & participatory educational videos.

www.SageImagery.com - Absolutely breathtaking nature photography by Michael Sage, one of the nation's gifted, up-and-coming photographers, -- truly the next (colorful!) Ansel Adams, -- with a superb eye for wondrous landscapes of the West, waterscapes. wildlife (& creatures in motion)!

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