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"Touchstone: Dancing With Angels"

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 singing_and_laughing.jpgIN REMEMBRANCE OF OUR FRIEND,


We are very sad to learn that Ed Softky, a beloved member of the Touchstone community, has passed away in a tragic manner on October 9th, 2008 in Brattleboro, VT. 

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his mother, brother & family.

[Please see the following articles in The Brattleboro Reformer: http://www.reformer.com/ci_10695721 

and http://www.reformer.com/localnews/ci_10685982]

He was truly a special person, -- a spiritual peaceworker & healer with a great love for music, nature, Sacred Circle Dancing, being of service to others in need., -- and just “Being” in the moment....

Speaking personally, I genuinely admired his ability to lift himself up into a blissful, spiritual state by humming a tune or meditating or simply by eating a bowl of soup in a warm, sunny field. ed_in_field.jpg

I remember one night, after a potluck gathering in the farmhouse, that,-- as he walked down the driveway toward the colonial house, -- he extended his arms  upward, took a deep, "smiling" breath, uttered (as if to God), "What a glorious night!", sang to the heavens and literally "embraced the sky."

 [...This was one of those times that a low-light video camera and a sensitive microphone would've captured what only now exists in my memory.]

The last time I saw Ed was at our movie Premiere at The Academy of Music.  It was raining outside and he was still wet from the rain when he entered the theater.  We hugged and I told him I was glad he was able to make it. ...And now, I'm even more glad, -- and grateful, -- that he was there.


We were pleased to offer a special screening of  “Touchstone: Dancing With Angels" and "ONE: The Movie" at the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 in memory of Ed, -- along with an emotionally-vivid tribute film of Ed in his glory, -- singing some of his favorite songs and hymns with friends at the Farm.

[**** For those who were unable to come to the theater due to severe weather conditions, a Return Engagement of the "Special Memorial Event for Ed Softky" will be presented at the Latchis Theatre on Sunday, April 19th; and, on the following Sunday, April 26th, 2009. -- Both screenings will begin at 4:00 PM. ~ Please check our Upcoming Shows  and "News" pages for details.  Photos from the December 20th "Memorial Event" appear below. ****]

We invite friends and acquaintances of Ed, and others in the extended Touchstone family, to reminisce by visiting the Memoriam page of the website of the Tibetan Buddhist institute & temple [http://tgivt.org/in-memory-of-ed-softky] to which Ed belonged, since being transplanted from Touchstone Farm about 2 years ago. 

(Kindly send your remembrances to: thosum_gephelling@yahoo.com and
they will be posted on their site.)

In the time that he lived in Vermont, Ed made many friends who deeply loved and cared about him, -- and he even organized a trip to commune with the Dalai Lama.  His radiant playfulness, openness, empathy, and gracious, good humor, -- coupled with a brilliant technical mind, -- ed_on_doorstep.jpgare legendary.

At his beautifully-moving funeral service within the Thosum Gephelling Temple in Williamsville, VT, over 150 friends, family & acquaintances gathered to share their love, food, heartwarming (and occasionally heart-rending) stories, -- and touching, unifying tributes in song.

One of the most affecting things that I read, in a news article, was that the vehicle of the person who critically injured Ed, was found to have, -- in addition to traces of his blood on it, -- threads from his purple fleece pullover.

This was something that Ed wore, virtually all the time, in the autumn, -- possibly the only jacket that I, and many others, had ever seen him wear.

He shared some very close relationships with Touchstonians during his time at the farm and still maintained a closeness with many friends in the Pioneer Valley up until the time of his passing. 


We are all stunned at the loss of such an en-"lightened" Bodhisattva (and a "Mensch," as one funeral attendee proclaimed) at such a young age.  Yet, in many ways, his death and extraordinarily well-lived life of gratitude, compassion, service, and incredible Joy has made many of us reflective of the brevity and beauty of Life. 

With Prayers of Love, Hugs & Bles-'sings',

D.S. Fine


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